Public Sector :

This model can be used for various activities such as Software Development, IT and Application Support, Back-Office Process Delivery and anything under the sky (well, something in the sky as well...)

Your capital investment is almost zero since Hume is taking care of headhunting and HR administration of these global delivery teams. Hume also supports BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model of co-sourcing where you can use the team in India as your offshore wing under the roof Hume’s associate companies. This allows you to have a low cost entry into India and ensures the leverage of local presence and networks

  • You can hire an exceptional talent pool by spending just 30% of the cost you would incur in Europe or North America.
  • You can retain the talent through well defined human resources management.
  • You can develop rapid domain expertise and foster innovation through retention of core talent.
  • You will have effective teams of 10-500 professionals ready to take any new challenge.
  • Your capital investment is almost zero in co-sourcing.
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