Sourcing :

Hume Technologies will either assign a team or recruit the best professionals with the required skill. We donít mind whether you are co-sourcing a single seat or an entire division. You donít need to pay a penny for setting up the infrastructure facility or recruiting an experienced team. We will do it absolutely for free.

We will provide the new team the basic training. In addition to that we arrange a virtual class-room with video conferencing facility to train them from your in-house mentors

Co-sourcing model provides you with the following advantages :

  1. You can shrink or expand your co-sourced team as you like.
  2. Full control over the team work- you select the team members and have a direct control on them.
  3. Increased productivity:  Remote Team members know you personally, know your business and perform the work better and faster.
  4. Consistency in Manpower: Your remote team will develop their knowledge on the same way the in-house team develops; even if an in-house team member resigns it will not affect your work or process.
  5. Co-Sourcing model keeps your budget always fixed.
  6. The co-sourcing team can be  programmers, call centre agents, sales people, customer service reps, virtual assistants, system administrators, SEOers, graphics designers, data processors, 3D modellers etc. You name it.
  7. Better, but Cheaper:  You can save at least 60% of your project budget by adopting co-sourcing model.
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