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Simple and Straight Forward

Co-sourcing helps the client focus on supporting their core competencies and leaves the rest to Hume to ensure application availability.

Co-sourcers act as true extensions of their clients' operations, accessible 24/7 with a familiarity and comfort unattainable in the traditional, overseas call-center model.

Co-Sourcing is ideal for any company if you have plans for at least three months to outsourcing activities and would like to avoid investments into infrastructure and recruiting headaches.

Support: Without Overhead

One of the greatest boons of the co-sourcing model is the reduction of overhead. Virtually all organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit, retain, and manage exceptional engineers. For example, organizations may sporadically require systems DBAs, load-balancing experts, networking pros, or a senior staff of Linux, Windows and virtualization engineers. However, it is highly unlikely that they would simultaneously need full-time employees for each of these specializations.

A managed hosting provider is continually staffed up with these experts and can offer them to a client on an "as needed" basis. By leveraging a talented bench for these situations, both parties benefit from an enormous amount of labor efficiencies.

Good-bye to HR Headaches

The managed services provider takes on the task of recruiting, training, promoting, managing and retaining talented systems engineers and removes that chore from the client's plate. Of course, clients still maintain an IT staff around their core competencies (re: co-sourcing), but reducing labor overhead goes beyond payroll -- it comes down to the time clients save in the HR process that leads to the real cost savings. CIOs need to focus on their key priorities, not HR issues such as interviews, performance reviews, and other related discussions that detract from time that should be spent on aligning IT initiatives with corporate goals.

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